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Mobile Dog Wash Las Vegas

We understand, getting your dog washed can be a major ordeal. From squirmy little pooches to heavier than your kid guard dogs, the challenges can be overwhelming when there is so many other things to get do. That's why we want to best options you have to choose from when you search online for a mobile dog wash in Las Vegas. We absolutely love what we do, and provide grooming services for both dogs and cats. We're a full service mobile pet groomer in Las Vegas, and there's no breed we haven't made look great.

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We'll come right to your door and take care of all your dog's grooming and bathing needs. It doesn't matter if you have a 120 lb German Shepherd who loves to dig or a 10 lb Chihuahua. We have no limits on dog size, breeds, or age: young or old, big or small, we can handle your dog grooming needs.

Search for us online under "Mobile Dog Wash Las Vegas"
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Mobile Pet Grooming Services

We offer a signature pet grooming service in Las Vegas, NV. It includes bathing, brushing, eyes, ears, facial & pedicure. This package is a favorite of our clients and includes:

Pet grooming las vegas- Bathing - all natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free shampoos; creme rinse conditioner included as needed. Specialty shampoos (oatmeal; hypoallergenic; silk protein, etc.) available -- or provide your own.

- Eyes & Ears gently cleaned - ear hair plucked upon request

- Hand Blow Drying & Brushing - no cage dryers ever.

- Feet & Paw Pads Neatened, Nails Trimmed - clip & file nails; moisturize nails & paw pads as needed.

- Sanitary Area Trimmed - if needed.

- Anal Glands - expressed only by special request (external procedure)